This is our tentative to register every punk record ever released in Asia,
except Japan. Why to except Japan? Because the task is simply too big to
be covered by us. Thousands of punk records were released in Japan
since 1976 and we know only a few hundreds of them. We encourage
anybody with encyclopaedic knowledge of Japanese punk to publish their
own page, or to contact us and see what we can come up with. We could
have published our far from complete list but what's the point? As with our
Discography of Eastern European punk music, we want to be as exhaustive
as possible, and we are not able to do it with Japan. Of course, we know
that even with the rest of Asia, we will never have complete data, but we
feel we are not so far from our goal. Once again, we encourage anybody
with additional information to contact us and inform us about stuff that does
not appear here. Most of the Asian scenes out of Japan are pretty new,
with the Philippines being probably the 2nd oldest scene, followed by
Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Because a large number of Asian punk records were released on tape
only, especially in South-East Asia, we are including official tape releases
here. The listings are for each country by band, then in the following order:
7" vinyl, 10" vinyl, 12" vinyl LP's/ CD's/cassettes (each category in
chronological order), compilation tracks. We tried our best to transcribe
phonetically band names, song titles etc from the various Asian languages.
It has not always been possible. We acknowledge we still don't master
Hebrew, Thai, and Burmese alphabets for instance, and don't always have
the time to flip through our Chinese dictionaries. Sorry! Those of you who
can help by contributing phonetical transcription when those are missing,
are most welcome! When we miss a transcription, we state it this way (one
song in Chinese). When a record has been released in a different country
than the one of the band, the country is stated in italics following the label's
name. Chose the country you want to check from the list below.

We're looking for information on punk bands and releases from Mongolia,
Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Pakistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrein, Qatar, Oman,
Yemen, Palestine, Turkmenistan. Afghan bands in exile (or in-country) too!
Contact us: tam89 @ excite.com

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