-CD: "It's More Than Just a Name... It's a Feeling!: Wife Beatin' Keane/ Baada Ya Kazi/ The New Song/ Just Like
Heaven/ Timbali Cat" (Ling Lao LL02; 1997)


-"Robbie Burns" on "Diving For Pearls" Comp. CD (BMG;1991)


-CD: "(title in Chinese): (9 songs in Cantonese)" (D.I.Y. Records 001-2; 1994)

-mCD: "
(title in Chinese): ..." (D.I.Y. Records; ?) comes with photobook.

-CD: "
Welcome To Beijing Motel: (11 songs in Cantonese)" (D.I.Y./Sony Music DIY015-2; 1995)

-"Searchin' For Your Life" on "
Zhong Guo Huo" Comp. CD (Rock Records -Taiwan RD-349;1992)

-"(one song in Chinese)" on "
Qi Yue Yi Ri Sheng" Comp. CD (What's Music/China-Tide -Taiwan WCD2171; 1997)


-7": "S/T: The Odd Number/ Shendaruan/ What About My Pleasure/ Lament Of The Autumn Wind/ River Of Time"
(Tian An Men 89 -France TAM011; 1997) limited edition of 500 copies, purple vinyl.

-Cassette: "
East Is Red/Generation 1997: East Is Red (in Chinese)/ Open Invitation (1) (in Chinese)/ Generation
97 (in Chinese)/ Polish Workers (in Chinese)/ Open Invitation (2) ( in Chinese)/ East Is Red (in English)/ Open
Invitation (in English)/ Generation 97 (in English)/ Polish Workers ( in English)" (S/R; 1984)

-Cassette: "
Manifesto: Manifesto/ Were Not We/ Outburst/ Twelve Bars Blues/ 'A Structural Joke'/ I Know/ Party
Authorized Sports/ Nuclear Ashes/ Because The Night/ Last Thoughts Of 83/ Internationale" (S/R; 1986) Some of
the songs are in Mandarin, some in Cantonese, some in English.

-Double Cassette: "
Living Our Lives : Never/ An Odd Number/ The Big Picture/ The Planetary Work-Machine/ Run,
Ran, Running/ Migration Song/ Wait!/ Briefing Anarchism/ Arthur// Papa's Song/ For You In Jail/ Get Your Ass Out
Of Here/ New Window - China 1987/ 50 Years Unchanged/ Rejuvenation/ Laugh O Laugh/ Some Children/ This
House We Built/ Women" (S/R; 1987) Some of the songs are in Mandarin, some in Cantonese, some in English.

-Cassette: "
People Have The Power: People Have The Power/ Requiem/ The Blood Is Burning/ This Generation -
China!/ Internationale/ Once Upon A Time I Was Told/ Help Me To Be Free/ No One/ Wait, And Think/ I Love/
Helplessness-Struggle-Solidarity" (S/R; 1990) Some of the songs are in Mandarin, some in Cantonese, some in
English. A boxed set containing all their tapes and printed materials was released in 1996.

-CD: "
Uniracial Subversion: The Home-coming of the Orphan/ Shendaruan/ Inno Individualista/ Manic Party/
Massacre of the Green/ Morning Children/ The People/ Days In Prison/ What About My Pleasure?/ The Scum/
Tolerance And Forgiveness/ Song Of Plenitude/ The River of Time" (S/R; 1995) Some of the songs are in
Mandarin, some in Cantonese, some in English, some in Italian, some in Taiwanese, some in Filipino. Also
released in Japan.

-Cassette: "
Wei Jingsheng" (S/R; 1997) one-song tape.

-CD: "
Before The Storm: The Constitutional Chant/ The Grave of Youth/ Collective Game/ The I-Ching Song/ Know
Thy Enemy/ Laotze's Moan/ The Prisoner/ Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines/ The Lament Of The Sad Autumn
Wind 97/ On The Road" (S/R; 1997)

-7xCDs bag set: "
Body Of Work 1984-2004: ..." (S/R; ?)

-"Outburst (in Chinese)" on "
Tour De Farce 3" Comp. LP (Empty -W.Germany; 1989)

-"Dong Fang Hong (East is Red)" on "
Don't Forget The Punks Of Bangkok!!!" Comp. 12" (One-sided) (Gothic
Gospel -
USA; 1991)

-"Anarchy (in Chinese)" on "
Asian Independent Compilation Vol.1" Comp. CD+3"5 floppy disk (Index -Taiwan
PCTA0030; 1994)


-"Are You Sure You're Sure?" on "((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)


-"Washed Out Something" on "((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)


-"Missiles Over London" on "Don't Forget The Punks Of Bangkok!!!" Comp. 12" (One-sided) (Gothic Gospel -USA;


-CD: "Pick Up The Beans: Heart-Beat/ One Day/ Sign/ Sky/ (song in Chinese)/ Wanna Be" (S/R; 2001)


-CD: "s/t: The Revolutionary Anthem/ Another Sin/ Destroy Your Scene/ Soylent Green/ Lost/ Guitar Duel -Initial
Confrontation/ Guitar Duel -The Final Conflict/ Mafia/ The Invisible Warlock Of Darkness" (Plug Music 852-09;

-"Destroy Your Scene" on "
Be Original" Comp. CD (?; ?)


-"Zhen Zhuk" on "..." Comp. CD (?; ?)


-CD: "Kevin: ..." (?; 1999)

-"To All The Kids At Hillsbury" on "
((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)


-CD: "Black Sun: ..." (S/R; ?)


-CD: "We Are Who We Are: ..." (S/R; ?)

-CD : "
Stand Strong: Stand Strong/ Sickened Eyes/ Masterpiece/ Frail Hands/ Refuse/ A Useless Gift/ Chaos of
Thoughts and Actions/ I Belong/ Charcoal/ Thank You/ Our Life’s Blood » (Polar Bear ; 2003)

-Split CD w/Good Reason –
Slovakia: “Under One Flag: Skinless/ Terror/ End Of Suffering/ Sister//…” (Broken
Board/HKHC; 2005)

-"Do-Do-Do-Do" on "
((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)

-"Hell Song #5" on "
Be Original II" Comp. CD (?; ?)


-"Goal" on "..." Comp. CD (?; ?)


-"Life" on "God Save The Canto Pop" Comp. CD (D.I.Y./HMA DIY018; 1996)


-CD: "S/T: (9 songs in Chinese)" (Comrades Production/Sound Factory; 1995)

-CD: "
Bastard: Conversation Between A-Dog And B-Dog/ Let's Praise The Day/ Give Me/ Dust/ How Many?/ Our
War Song/ Kill You/ We'll Definitely Be Back/ I Wanna Sleep/ Hungry" (Dim Sum DSCD MF1003; 1997) All songs
are in Chinese


-CD: "No More Carelessness: Mr Hermit/ No Transformation/ Waste Of Time/ Empty Can/ Whorecadet/ Never
Spoken/ Endless Road/ My Dream" (Plug Music 852-5; 1998)

-"Lacking You" on "
((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)


-"Here To Stay" on "((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)


-CD: "For All The Wrong Reasons: Everything's Alright/ Sway/ Party Of The Year/ Bus Fare/ Not Me/ Insecurity/
Grip/ Wish/ Number Nine/ Aim/ Only Friend/ Same Change/ Argue" (Plug Music 852-1; 1995)

-CD: "
A Five Song Single: Booby Trap/ Forgetful/ Taking Forever/ Four Years/ Someday Somehow" (Plug Music
852-04; 1997)

-"Someday Somehow/ Forgetful" on "
Hong Kong: Punk Wonders Never Cease" Comp. CD (Ling Lao LLR001;

-"Everything's Allright" on "
Punk Rock Makes The World Go Round" Comp. CD (Teenage Rebel -Germany
TRCD073; 1997)


-"Rock Around The Clock/ This Is What We Call Democracy/ Politician/ Brand New Cadillac/ Capital Radio/ U.S.A./
Garageland/ Streets Of London" on "
From The Underground 2" Comp. cassette (Happy Sound Production HP001;


-CD: "Paper Planes And Daisy Chains: Distance/ Spider/ Canto-Roll/ Ivan/ Bitter Sweet Revenge/ Dreaming/
Mother Nature/ Rose Jam/ Paranoid/ Looking Glass/ Wanted/ Noughts + Crosses" (Global Independent
Music/Shazza Music GIG55011; 1995)


-Split CD w/Tokyo Sex Wale: "Ten Days Before The Handover: The Bible Says So/ Little Movements Of The Head/
Not Quite Okay/ Football Hooligans//..." (Ling Lao LLR03; 1997)

-"E.B.E./ Baywatch" on "
Hong Kong: Punk Wonders Never Cease" Comp. CD (Ling Lao LLR001; 1997)


-Split CD w/That Guy's Belly: "Ten Days Before The Handover: Lumbago/ Out Amongst The Evergreens/
Middleground/ Souvenir//..." (Ling Lao LLR03; 1997)

-CD: "
Agony Of Degradation: ..." (?; 1997)

-"A State Of Denmark/ Nancy Lammeter" on "
Hong Kong: Punk Wonders Never Cease" Comp. CD (Ling Lao
LLR001; 1997)

-"Out Amongst The Evergreens" on "
Asian HC Compilation" Comp. CD (All Systems Fail -Japan ASF01; 1998)

-"Middle Ground" on "
((Echo))" Comp. CD (Echo/Plug 001; 2000)

*WONG, Anthony

-CD: "Underdog Rock: Underdog Rock/ Let Thunder-God Gash All The Manic Bullies/ For No Reason/ The Scum/
Where Do You Wanna Go Tonight/ Marry And Merry/ Amen/ Dunce/ The Fields Of Autumn/ The Students '97/
Mongolia Killer" (Rock Records ROD5128; 1996) All songs are in Cantonese.


-"(1 song in Chinese)" on "God Save The Canto Pop" Comp. CD (D.I.Y./HMA DIY018; 1996)