-CD: "The Antidote: Knocked Out Mouse/ Love Rage/ City Sadness/ Take a Twist On Me/ Season Hurts/ Hey
Johnny/ Then We Go Out/ Knocked Out Mouse (acoustic)/ Pe-pe-pe/ I Know I Suck" (S/R; 2005)


-CD: "Standby: Boredom/ God Likes To Sleep/ Housewives/ Support Piracy/ Norm The Guy Is Cool/ Bad In Bed/
That's Not What I want/ Stab My Wallet/ Frozen Portrait/ Madison Lane/ Why Are We Like This/ System/ Tobacco
Sux/ Stupidities" (S/R; 2008?)

-“…” on “
Stupiditties” Comp. CD (Ennui.Bomb; 2006)


-CD: "Chromatic: Attic Observations/ Tonite/ 7'40 Local Time/ The Key/ Delirium/ Tidal Wave/ Rat/ You/ Time
Vultures/ Back To The Water" (Orphea Productions -UK; 1996)

-CD: "
Be The Change: Be The Change/ Shadows In THe Dark/ Global Warming/ Searching For The Sun/ You"
(S/R; 2009)