-Split 7" w/SUCKINIM BAENAIM: "...//..." (?; ?)


-“...” on “Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-7”: “Channel Surfing With...: ...” (Fast Music; 2003)

-LP: "
Penetrate With...: Dark Surf/ Omar Shariff Ballad/ When I Sat On a Bottle/ Sewerpipe Ride/
Kabbalah Fucker/ Is Bomba Looking For a Snorkel?/ Horsepower/ Eli/ Old Women/ Time Bomb/
Batman/ The Freckler/ Moment Of Truth/ Mystic Sphinx/ Silence!" (Fast Music 9; 2001)

-LP: "
Fondling With...: Open Up/ I Despise Humanity/ Bat-Yam Stomp/ Dick Tracy/ Thumb Size
Clit/ Mar Gaya/ Hardkorn/ Simabadoosah/ Be Meine Hitler/ Romany Vardo/ (title in Hebrew)/ High
Tide/ Hava Nagila/ (title in Hebrew)/ Arab Bush/ Shit (rest in Hebrew)/ (title in Hebrew)/ (title in
Hebrew)/ (title in Hebrew)" (Fast Music 14; 2003)

-“Bat-Yam Stomp/ Going To” on “
And Don’t Punch Me In The Nose, It Hurts” Comp. CD (Fast
Music 17; ?)

-“...” on “
Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-CD: “ Comiraden/ Inside/ Carpenter/ Twist/ Hurt/ Vint 2/ Pain Killer/ Trackrek/
Working Class Hero/ Vint 3/ (song in Hebrew)” (Earsay/Third Ear ES7; ?)


-CD: “Some Tits, But No Bush: ...” (?; 2001)

-CD: “
New Hate: ...” (?; 2003)


-"Unholy War" on "The Unholy Bands From The Holy Land" Comp. LP (Pounding Prod./RTTG
OZEN048; 1992)


-LP: "Mama I Don't Want To Be: (12 songs in Hebrew)" (NMC; 1981) rereleased on CD in 1993
(NMC85078-2). The title is in Hebrew only.

-LP: "
Crowded World: ..." (NMC; 1983) rereleased on CD in ?

-LP: “
Live: ...” (NMC; 1988)


-CD: "?: ..." (?; ?)


-7": "Durchbrechender Geist: Brotherly Mass Grave/ Temporary Situation/ Everything Known
Beforehand/ Spectacle/ Taking The Secret To The Grave/ Khesed Shel Emet/ Slandering Camp
aign/ All Our Plans Have Returned Safely/ For Quality You Must Pay/ Wholesale/ Koakh
Junction/ Who Are You To Judge?/ Salvation At The End Of The Barrel Of A Gun/ No More
Propositions For The Day" (Thought Crime -Germany; 1999)

-7": "
s/t: Ink Stains Across The Border/ Drafting Myth/ Sheik Yassin Junior High/ Time Bomb/
Satanic Verses/ Independence Day/ Try And Get Raped/ Murdering In The Name Of The
Copywriter/ A Day In A Week For False Consciousness/ Shopping Mall Mentality/ Times Blurred
By Justice Being Served/ Sanitary Installation" (S/R; 2001)

-7”: “
Hitpakchut: God Forgotten Place/ Saving Selfishness/ Prove Me Wrong/ Manichean
Scheme/ Sobering/ How Much Can I Really Hate/ A Minute of Silence/ Sic Transit Gloria Mundi/
No.3/ Actually You Said Nothing/ Innocent Lamb/ Save Them From The Abyss of Forgetfulness/
Confirmation Killing/ Something For Nothing” (La Vida Es Un Mus –UK; 2003) red vinyl.

-LP: "
Discography: ..." (? ;?)

-CD: “?: ...” (Volksstaat; 1999)

-“...” on “
Smash Ignorance” Comp. CD (Possible Problems –USA; 1998)

-“...” on “
Solidarity: ABC No Rio Benefit” Comp. CD (Dead Alive –USA; 1999)

-“...” on “
Aftermath” Comp. 2LPs (Profane Existence/Blackened –USA; 1999)

-“...” on “
Barbaric Thrash Detonation” Comp. CD+EP (625 –USA; 2000)

-“...” on “
Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-12”: “S/T: ...” (S/R; 1985)

-LP: "
S/T: Cyclone B/ Kosher/ Land Of Thousand Dances/ Detroit Rock City/ Cancer
Hallucinations/ Khali Jobran/ Cancer Hallucinations (techno mix)/ Mean Witch/ Friday 5PM" (?;

-CD: "
Dom: Quick Blood Vein Fantasy/ Gentle Penetration/ The Hammer/ Another Night Ends/
Dos/ Soul Mercenaries/ Clinic Death/ Heavy Dreams/ Rolling On/ The Night Strangles Silently/
Creeping Creeping/ My Skin/ Fear With A Hard-On/ Clinic Death 2 Blow Up In The Other Side/
The Fire In Your Head/ Popcornazi/ Micky Spilani/ E.B.W./ Dreams Forever" (NaNa Disc 6029;


-“...” on “Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-CD: “(title in Hebrew): (2 songs in Hebrew)/ We Are The P.O.Y./ (3 songs in Hebrew)/ Vodka/ (3
songs in Hebrew)/ War For Survival/ (song in Hebrew)” (S/R; 2002)


-CD: “Deprivation Rock: (13 songs in Hebrew)” (Earsay/Third Ear ES6; ?) limited to 300 copies,
title in Hebrew only.


-Cassette: "91-93: Thilat ha'milhama/ (Zianti et) Bat-Sheva/ Akamol/ Ha'magefa/ The Fighters Of
Freedom/ Kiriat ha'danin/ Why?/ Shovrim/ Oi!/ Police/ Ars Not Dead/ Hinam Hova/ Ha'avirim
ha'shorim/ Ha'bait shel fistuk" (S/R; 1995)

-CD: "
Beizim: (6 titles in Hebrew)/ Fighters Of Freedom/ (title in Hebrew)/ More Then/ (3 titles in
Hebrew)/ Why/ (title in Hebrew)" (S/R; 1997)

-"(I Fucked) Bat Sheva" on "
Breaking The Cultural Curfew" Comp. 7" (Beer City -USA #27; 1995)


-CD: “Hatred Shaped Man: ...” (Fadeless; 2003)


-Split 7” w/USELESS ID: “...//...” (Dying Is Deadly -USA; ?)

-CD: “
Foreign Concepts: ...” (?; 2001)

-CD: “
Work In Progress: ...” (Dying Is Deadly -USA; 2002)


-CD: ?


-CD: “s/t: ...” (Don’t Be Normal; ?)


-“...” on “Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-"A Vision Of Hope" on "More Than The X On Our Hands" Comp. 6x7" boxed set (Commitment -
Holland COM17; 2000)


-7": "Renounce Judaism: Dat gizanit/ Mahsom la' magifa/ Pogrom al hilonim/ Hitbolelut ahshav/
Retzah am shalem/ Forever More?/ Timkeru et ha'mitnahalim le'avdut/ Ahraiut" (Beer City-
006; 1994)

-7”: “
White And Blue Carthage: ...” (Malinke; 2003)

-LP: "
Hail The New Regime: Grinding Reality/ Keep Youth Off Judaism/ I'm Neurotic And Fucked
Up/ Pickpocket Them/ Psychotic Paranoia/ From Nowhere Into Nothing/ Friendship's Buried
Here/ Make Your Own Rabbi And Buy Your Own Gun/ Reconciliation With Hammas/ I Hate
Nightlife/ Selling Heroin To Bnei Akiva/ Third Part Of A Decade/ Rather Be A Punk Than A Dirty
Settler/ Love The Fascist Left/ Vain Threats" (Beer City -USA #57; 1997) All songs are in

-"..." on "
Somebody's Gonna Get It" Comp. CD (Bite Your Neighbor Music -USA BYNM2201;

-"Concentration Camp For Northerners" on "
Breaking The Cultural Curfew" Comp. 7" (Beer City -
USA #27; 1995)

-“...” on “
Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-Split 7” w/Your Kingdom Is Doomed! –Turkey: “Ethnic Cleansing/ Ballad For a Magav Cop//...”
(Assaulting Murder Association/Extreme Response Productions –
Turkey 003/001; 2004)

-7": "
Self-Devouring Land: ..." (?; ?)

-CD: “
Battle Legacy: Your Culture Makes Me Sick/ Selective Blindness/ Financial Target/ Milk
Children/ Press Conference/ Ethnic Cleansing/ Ghetto Syndrome/ Conform Or Die/ Talking
Activist/ Video Games Addict/ Ballad For a Magav Cop” (Boshet Records 001; 2003)

-Split LP w/Oi Polloi -
Scotland: "...//..." (?; ?)


-“...” on “Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-cassette: "The Final Ada: ..." (S/R; ?)


-cassette: "?: ..." (?; ?)


-CD: "S/T: ..." (?;?)

-"Charlie" on "
The Unholy Bands From The Holy Land" Comp. LP (Pounding Prod./RTTG
OZEN048; 1992)


-CD: “Radio Death: ...” (Fast Music 15; ?)


-7": "?: ..." (? - UK; 1993)

-12": "
S/T: P/ LA/ S/ TI/ C/ VE/ Castanyette's Desert/ U/ S" (Third Ear; 1991)

-CD: "
Hellven Park: (17 songs in Hebrew)" (Casba; 1995) reissued by Fact Records in ?


-CD: “No Choosing: (song in Hebrew)/ Strange Fruit/ (song in Hebrew)/ Escape Will Always Fail/
I Measure Every Grief I Meet/ (2 songs in Hebrew)/ Dykes And The Holy War/ (song in Hebrew)/
If That Stops Me/ And If/ (song in Hebrew)/ Marble Woman/ (3 songs in Hebrew)” (Earsay/Third
Ear ES012; 1989?)

-CD: “
Nadir: (song in Hebrew)/ Alarm Song/ (song in Hebrew)/ Alophen Baby/ (song in Hebrew)/
Heavenly High/ I Think It Is Going To Rain Today/ Fool/ Oh When I Was In Love With You/ Son
Of God/ (3 songs in Hebrew)/ Dykes And The Holy War/ (2 songs in Hebrew)” (Earsay/Third Ear
ES025; 2002) songs from 1989-1997


-"Working Class" on "Breaking The Cultural Curfew" Comp. 7" (Beer City - USA #27; 1995)


-LP: “Delicious: ...” (Fast Music 11; ?)

-CD: “
Chalooshes: ...” (Fast Music 16; ?)

-“The Girl That Rocked My World/ Doris” on “
And Don’t Punch Me In The Nose, It Hurts” Comp.
CD (Fast Music 17; ?)


-LP: "Plonter: Honey/ This Generation/ She Corrupted Us All/ Teach Me Tonight/ No Lack Of
Work For Death/ Get Off My Television/ Waiting For The Sun/ April Fools/ Looking For Myself/
Incubator" (NMC; 1978) rereleased on CD in 1992 (NMC83424-2) All songs in Hebrew.


-"The Thrasher In You" on "Breaking The Cultural Curfew" Comp. 7" (Beer City -USA #27; 1995)


-CD: ?


-LP: “S/T: ...” (Third Ear; 1990)


-CD: “s/t: …” (Boshet; 2003?)


-CD: “Magnetic Storm: …” (Boshet; 2003?)


-Split 7" w/ACHZAVOT: "...//..." (?; ?)


-12”: “Anti Text Politi: ...” (Third Ear; 1989)

-CD: "
s/t: (16 songs in Hebrew)" (NMC 330042-2; 1992)

-CD: "
Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog: (13 songs in Hebrew)" (Hedarzi; 1995)


-"..." on "Global Hostility" Comp. CD (No Front Teeth -UK NFT003; 2002)


-7": "Room Of Anger: Keep On/ Better Than Today/ Illusions/ Movie Screen" (Sellout -USA #1;

-Split 7" w/All You Can Eat -
USA: "Room Of Anger/ One Crazy Day//..." (Farmhouse -USA #12;

-Split 7” w/MAN ALIVE: “...//...” (Dying Is Deadly –
USA; 2003)

-Split 10" w/Tagtraum -
Germany: "12.31.98/ Not My Scene/ Dreams//..." (Vitaminepillen/Caramba
Germany; 2001) green vinyl.

-CD: "
Dead Is Not Punk: Intro/ Feeling Wrong/ Confused/ No Excuse/ One Crazy Day/ Room Of
Anger/ Is It Right?/ Don't Forget/ Beatless Or Something/ Stumbling/ Letters/ Perfect Life/ Start
All Over/ To Live And Die - For No Ones Name/ On My Own/ Getting In The Way" (S/R; 1998)
Rereleased on LP by Yo-Yo Records - Germany in 2000.

-Split CD w/The Ataris -
USA: "Let It Burn: ...//..." (Kung-Fu -USA; 2000) Rereleased on LP by Yo-
Yo Records -
Germany in 2000.

-CD: "
Bad Story, Happy Ending: ..." (Kung Fu -USA; 2001)

-CD: “
No Vacation From The World: ...” (Kung-Fu -USA; 2003)

-"Is it Right?" on "
Breaking The Cultural Curfew" Comp. 7" (Beer City - USA} #27; 1995)

-"..." on "
Glam, Glitter And Gore Ox Fanzine #34" Comp. CD (Ox Fanzine -Germany; ?)


-7”: “S/T: ...” (Volkstaat; 1998)

-7": "
Choice Cuts From The Infamous Behold Insanity: ..." (?; ?)

-“...” on “
Autonomous Zone” Comp. CD (Ha’sokhnut/Volkstaat; 2002) with book.


-CD: “Cheap But Elegant: …” (Boshet; 2004)


-CD: “ReUptake: ...” (?; ?)

*911 PIGS

-"Skate" on "Breaking The Cultural Curfew" Comp. 7" (Beer City -USA #27; 1995)