Tian An Men 89 would love to see the following projects become a reality some day:

compilations from Cambodia, Kosovo, Taiwan, Vietnam (any idea how to reach Blue
Star, No.4, Pun*Kids, Mad Mosquitoes, and other punk bands?), Papua New Guinea,
Sri Lanka, Fiji, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Palestine, Namibia, Mozambique, Mongolia,
Greenland, Kenya, Angola, Cape Verde, Bhutan, Netherlands Antilles, Laos, etc.

We need your support! Contact us if you play in punk bands from the above countries
or if you know how to reach them.

We're also looking for contacts with (former?) band members of:
Substudents (Cambodia)

Raikmaus (Timor Leste)

Butabika Boys (Uganda)
Seizure (Jordan)
Fucking Rats (Bahamas)
Fighting Pig (Falkland Islands)
The Wumpfs (Aruba)
Panzer / Os Tais (Mozambique)
Fiassuit / Wreck'n'Gunna (Greenland)
Bek-Han (Chechnya)
Azhyrbass (Tuva)
The Exiles from Noakhali (Bangladesh)

Write us at:

<tam89 @ excite.com>