-CD: "Why Do We Sound So Bad?: Punk Dude (Just a Poser)/ I Don't Like This Song/ Communists Suck/
Minimalist/ C.O.P.S./ High Class Society Can't Stand You)/ Communal Violence/ The System/ Hang My Head (live)/
Punk Dude (live)/ Blitzkrieg Bop (live)" (S/R; 2001)


punkish hard rock.

-Split 7" w/Millenium -
India: "Kolahal Ma/ Maya Boki Aau//..." (View Beyond -Czech Republic/ Break Even -Canada;

-cassette: "
s/t: Raat Tyasai/ Nilo Gagan Ma/ Yoban/ Nirmohi Priyasi/ Mitho Boli/ Juni Juni/ Kolahal Ma/ Din Prati
Din/ Juni Juni/ Maya Boki Aau/ Mutu Mutu/ Yoban" (Channel/Jyoti Cassettes; ?)


-CD-R: "s/t: DIY/ Fuck Off Metalheads/ Naya Slow Geet/ Hitler Buda/ Dad/ Free Yourself/ Bhagwati/ Twante Buda/
Fuck Off (Turtles Jr. cover)/ LG (revisited)/ Fight Back (Discharge cover)/ LG Baal/ "A" Chordsong/ Ladai" (S/R;

-"Bidroh/ Dad/ Sauray's New Gog/ God/ Thief/ Dillon McKay" on "Nepali Punk, It's Just The Beginning" Comp. 7"
(Tian An Men 89 - France TAM017; 2001) clear vinyl, 500 copies.


-cassette: "s/t: Katha/ Parkhi Basen/ Aau/ Hatma Mero/ Ragat Bagdaicha/ Mother Earth/ Ke Timilai Thahacha/
Chati Bhitra/ Rock'n'Roll Pujari/ Niru" (Harati 009; ?)


-7" : "Himalayan Frostbite: Nepal Bandh/ Jaro Maina Ayo/ Safe Rebellion/ On The Bus In The UK" (BatAttak –USA
001; 2003) limited to 500 copies, coloured vinyl.

-CD-R: "
Live: You're Crazy/ Conquistadores/ Ordinary Bastards/ Nepal Bandh/ For The Pigs/ Tero Bau/ Prisoner/
Hami Nepali/ United Terrorists of Amrika/ Bishal Bazaar/ General Sahib/ Ice Cream/ Cosmetics/ Flickering/ Water
Crimes/ Jaro Maina/ Intro" (S/R; 2001) the CD includes 3 bonus tracks by GUY-GORU.

-cassette: "?: ..." to be released in 2002 on No Label Records -

-cassette: "
Guerrilla: Domestic Kid Servant's Schizo Rap/ 9 to 5 You Got It!/ Passive-Rotten (Think Again)/ Feel
The Consumption (Aftermath Of War)/ Critical Point/ Hangman I & II/ Lying To Kids/ On The Bus In The UK/
Guerrilla/ Safe Rebellion/ Red Star/ Boring Money/ Dead Alive/ People's War/ Fire (Karhmandu Is Not Nepal)"
(S/R; 2003)

-Split CD w/Relationsheep –
Malaysia : "If Only I Had Joined The Resistance I Wouldn’t Die a Failure : Resist/
Death Penalty/ Fire/ Malai Keh Tha/ Don’t Fuck With Me/ People’s War//… » (S/R in
Malaysia ; 2003)

-"Laureh Ko Chori" on "
Nepali Punk, It's Just The Beginning" Comp. 7" (Tian An Men 89 -France TAM017; 2001)
clear vinyl, 500 copies.

-"..." on "
Global Hostility" Comp. CD (No Front Teeth -UK NFT003; 2002)


-CD: "s/t: Generation/ Mero Maya/ Heart & Soul/ Swatantra Jeevan/ Starry, Starry, Night/ Just For a Day/ Maila
Bhai/ Free My World/ Adhunik Ko Aaganma/You And I/ Higher Love/ Nepal/ Eternally Mine" (Ranjana Cassette
Center 007; 2000)


-LP: "Kids With Guns And Choco Fun!!: Intro/ Eh Bau!/ Bhalu/ Intro 2/ Not Your Average Punk Chick/ Nepali Girl/
Love Talk V Bad Talk/ 15 Years/ Kids With Guns And Choco Fun/ TV Ads/ 70 Kilos/ Ada Addidas Tak?/ My Secret
Call/ Radio Ad/ 81mm Shock/ I Live Off You/ Study Of Misty Mountain Top" (Dorfpunkgang / Punk Deluxe -
Germany; ?)