*TAM028 DEMOKHRATIA "Bled El Petrole..." 7"

Totally political and blazing HC/Punk with Arabic lyrics.  
Released in May 2009, in co-production with Darbouka
*TAM027 V/A "Paxta-Core" Comp. LP (Uzbekistan)

Raw musical chaos from the Kingdom of Cotton. With
Tupratikon'S, Suchiy Potrokh, Red-Aktsiya,
Hardcore-Opa, Scisserz, Brogen Bogen, Slezy
Solntsa, BGmoltsy i GrOboverzhtsy.
Released July 2006, funeral suit-black vinyl.
*TAM026 V/A "Dushanbe Punkers and Rockers"
Comp. LP (Tajikistan)

Mind-blasting comp from the forgotten land of the
Pamirs! With Zlo, Ragnarock, Zapadny Kvartal,
Zvukovaya Artyel, Trush-Oba, Khorog Rock Band,
Kide & the JC, Noch', Ieroglif.
Released July 2006, mountain coal-black vinyl.
*TAM025 V/A "Bishkek is Burning!" Comp. 7" (Kyrgyzstan)

A totally great last-minute addition to our 2004 programme:
the first Kyrgyzstan punk comp ever! With: Milk Vokydas,
Shugar, Garik Mityaev, Halligani i Ra and Ya Ves' Zelyonyi
(all from Bishkek)
Released June 2004, horse eye-black vinyl.
Kyrgyzstan punk website
*TAM024 V/A "1382: The Persian New Waves (Mawdj-e
Naw e Farsi)
" Comp. LP (Iran)

The very first Iranian punk compilation ever, first LP on
TAM89! With: Oolanbator, Divane, Alookal, Mud, Superman
& the Joe Ordinaries, Black Blooms, Dark Earth, Fat
Released June 2004, chador-black vinyl
*TAM023 Hosenfefer "Knife In My Back" 7" (Kosovo)

Raging punk rock'n'roll from Kosovska Mitrovica!! The last
surviving Serbian punk band in Kosovo!
Released June 2004, night depression-black vinyl
*TAM022 Imperya Snegov / Revolver (Buryatia / Karelia) 7"

The second volume in our "Pank Federatsiya" series. Imperya
Snegov is crazy punk/grind with folk influences from Ulan-Ude,
and Revolver is 60's influenced garage sci-fi lounge surf-punk
from Petrozavodsk.
Released June 2004, siberian night-black vinyl.
Revolver website
*TAM021 Sweety Punk "Soa Ity Painky" (Madagascar) 7"

Excellent melodic and energetic punk from this Antananarivo-based
Released October 2001, On Coconut-white vinyl.

The first Madagascar punk record ever!
Thanks to Rija of 96.7Rock FM!
contact: rija96.7rock@dts.mg
*TAM020  ZUBY / VITAMIN ROSTA (Kabardino-Balkaria / Tatarstan)

The first record in our new series "Pank Federatsiya", presenting bands
from the different republics of the Russian Federation! Released October
2001, on mouse-grey vinyl.
Zuby is thrashy punk from Nalchik in Kabardino-Balkaria and Vitamin Rosta
energetic punk from Tatarstan.
Thanks to our friend Sharapov in St Petersburg, our temporary base in the
Moluccas islands (Indonesia) could be linked with North Caucasus and
Tatarstan and this project become a reality!

Contact Zuby at: zzubi@mail.ru
Contact Vitamin Rosta at: vitamin_z@mail.ru
Check Vitamin Rosta's site at:

Archival ethnic Albanian punk from 1990 and current masters of
Macedonian aggressive punk, both bands from Skopje. Released May
2000, classic black vinyl.

Several trips to Skopje just after the Kosovo/Balkan crisis, especially to the
Balkan underground festival of December 1999, convinced us it was about
time to release this music, reflecting the diversity of the area, and the
evidence that friendship and co-operation between punks works even in a
surrounding of distrust between communities.

Blla-Blla-Blla... released a more experimental excellent CD late 2000.

Contact Idriz of Blla-Blla-Blla... at: idrizblla@yahoo.com
Contact Stefan of No Name Nation at: nonamenation@yahoo.com
Thanx to Tosho Filipovski for his help!
*TAM018  "Anthology of Myanmar Punk-Rock vol.1" (Myanmar/Burma)

with THE ANTS (Taunggyi) / GHOST RIDER (Yangon)

Released May 2000, on jungle green vinyl
Meeting the punks of Yangon was one of the highlights of the year 1998!
The Ants play fast pop-punk, while Ghost Rider pogoes on
Ramones-influenced punk-rock. All songs in Myanmar language.

Contact: Myo Myo, No.44 Pyi Road, 6 1/2 Mile, Yangon, Myanmar
*TAM017  "Nepali Punk... It's Just The Beginning!" (Nepal)


Released October 2001, on ice clear vinyl.
Jump on the first Himalayan punk record ever released! We hung out with
the guys in Kathmandu in November 1998 and they are real pioneers! The
record presents an overview of Nepali punk history up to now, including
songs in English and Nepali.
Sushil of Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles (which had been a loose association
of punk musicians including also former members of Zhilkey And The
Rockers and Ghanta Band) joined Rai Ko Ris, a new band jamming at the
Bamboo Club in Thamel. Well, after a tour of France, Sushil left the band,
but Sareena and Olivier are jamming with a new guitarist...

Check out Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles site at:
Check out Raikoris' website at: www.geocities.com/raikoris
*TAM029 V/A "Caspian Oily Shores" 7" (Azerbaijan)

with Overkill For Profit (HC) and Edem (pop-punk)