*TAM016  "Steppe-Punks" (Kazakhstan)

/ B'RNAY KARABASOV & SAMOZVANTSY (all from Karaganda)

Released May 2000, sky blue vinyl.
Mail contacts in 1998 with Edgars Embergs in Latvia and Syeva Oplachko in
Omsk, Siberia, established from our temporary base in Northern Uganda ended
up in a package of 3 Kazakhstan tapes arriving in our Kitgum post office box.
Bands play different styles of punk, from fast Soviet style to garage surf to folk
and industrial-influenced. Discover the Central Asian underground! The record
covers the period from late 80's to mid-90's.

Contact Aldar Kose, the godfather of Karaganda underground at:
*TAM015  "Last Call For The Lost Scenes! vol.2" (Paraguay, Malta, Moldova,
Brunei, Costa Rica)

with KAOS (Asuncion) / VANDALS (Tarxien) / INFLATE (Chisinau) / PINK
DAEMON (Tutong) / EL BOSQUE (San Josй)

Released December 1998, coffee black vinyl. Sold out, now. Yes.

Second volume of the series. The contact was re-established with EL BOSQUE in
the year 2000. We're still looking for contacts with the other bands, or former
members of these. Can you help?
*TAM014 "10,000 Years Punk" (People's Republic of China)

with ANARCHY BOYS / BRAIN FAILURE / 69 / REFLECTOR (all from Beijing)

Released December 1998 under the label's division "Xiandai Gongren
Changpian", fading red vinyl, SOLD OUT now..

Oi, ska-punk and HC punk united on one slab of vinyl. Let the Chinese punk
scene blossom and prosper for the next 10,000 years!

All bands joined on the double CD compilation "Wuliao Contingent" released
early 2000 in Beijing. In 2001, Brain Failure released its first CD "Fairytale Of

Contact Brain Failure at: brainfailure88@hotmail.com
*TAM013  "Sindrome Colonial" (Macau)


Released August 1997, plain orange vinyl, SOLD OUT!
We met the bands in Macau in July 1997. La Haine later disbanded after all
members went to Portugal to attend university. Dongfang Hong somehow
disappeared from sight.

Thanx to Joao Pedro Costa for the help with the recordings!
*TAM012 "Last Call For The Lost Scenes! vol.1" (Albania, Jordan,
Madagascar, Reunion Island)

with GUTTERSNIPE (Tirana) / MEGAPOWER (Irbid) / KAZAR (Antananarivo) /
ACID (Saint Denis)

Released August 1997, night black vinyl, SOLD OUT!
Trips to Albania and Jordan in 1993, a trip to Reunion Island in 1989, and a
friend's trip to Madagascar, helped us to discover these amazing pioneering
bands. Unfortunately, the contact was lost and we decided to release this record,
the first in the series, to publish these historical documents, in the hope of
reaching them somehow and let the world know about their achievements.
We finally met a former member of Guttersnipe in Tirana again in 1999. He
informed us the band split up after all members emigrated except him. Eduard
Dashi was handed over the band's copies of the record. The contact with Kazar
was established on 25.05.01. Contact: bobkazar@hardrockers.com. The contact
with Megapower was established in 2009.
We're still looking for contacts with Acid, or former members of this. Can you help?
*TAM 011 BLACKBIRD "Shendaruan" (Hong Kong)

Totally political punk/rock/Chinese blues from this legendary libertarian band.

Released August 1997, clear purple vinyl, SOLD OUT.

Long-time friendship with the band, first met in Hong Kong in 1990 fueled our
common decision to release this first and only Blackbird record on vinyl. Easily
the most important Hong Kong band ever!

Blackbird also self-released 4 albums on tape and 2 on CD. Blackbird stopped
playing in the year 2000, however organized the compilation CD "Dizzidenza".

Contact: lenguo@artivist.org
Check out the website:
www.artivist.org or www.blackbird.hk
*TAM010  RETSEPTI (Georgia)

Wave-influenced Caucasian punk with Georgian vocals, from Tbilisi. Archival
tapes from 1987/1988.
Released August 1997, forest green vinyl. Sold out.

A short, chaotic trip through civil war torn Georgia in 1993 didn't offer us the
occasion to meet the local scene. However, thanks to our friend Rudiger Nitz
from Germany who went to Tbilisi in 1995, this milestone of Caucasus
underground could be released.

The band has split up long ago. The bassist lives in Berlin, while the vocalist,
Lado, is working on new projects in Tbilisi.

Contact: ladoart@yahoo.com
*TAM009  "Injak Balik! a Bandung HC/Punk comp" (Indonesia)


Released August 1997, anarchy black vinyl, SOLD OUT!

A short trip to Bandung, Indonesia, in March 1997 during a year-long stay in
Afghanistan, and the discovery of the amazing coolness of local scenesters, and
blooming local punk culture, left us with no choice but to release this compilation;
Most bands are still around and have different kinds of tape releases out. their
style vary from street punk sung in Sunda language to HC in English.

Check these Indonesian punk site:
No Label
*TAM008  MANDRAZH (Belarus)

Siberian-influenced madhouse-punk from Gomel.

Released March 1996, concrete grey vinyl, Sold out. Sorry.

Mail contacts with scenesters in the Republic of Belarus led to the release of this
incredible record.

Contact:  Viktor "Diamond" Safronov
       ul. Kosareva 5-60
       246012 Gomel

Thanx to Viktor Lapitski from Gomel!
*TAM007  THE BOLLOCKS "My Friend" (Malaysia)

Punk/oi from Kuala Pilah on the West Coast.
Released March 1996, satay brown vinyl, Sold out.

A long stay in Malaysia in 1995 in the purpose of doing anthropological research
permitted us to meet tons of bands, among them the mighty Bollocks, now
defunct. RIP!
The Bollocks also released a tape album titled "Revolution".
Thanx to Adik, Joe Kidd and Fendi!
Check the Malaysian punk site at:
*TAM006 "Traffic Jam" (Thailand)

with SEPIA / DONPHEEBIN / TOILET / DOK MOHOK (all from Bangkok)

Released June 1995, doll pink vinyl, Sold out.
Several trips through Bangkok between 1988 and 1995, allowed us to gather
samples of the local underground. Dok Mohok was the first punk in Thailand, as
far as we know. He was recorded making a racket at the Chatuchak week-end
market by Simon Butcher from Australia.
Toilet was a Bangkok International High School expat punk band. All members
are now settled back in the US. Sepia plays provocative fast punk with slight
metallic touches. Donpheebin are 3 brothers originally from Nan, Northern
Thailand and play fast thrashcore. Sepia and Donpheebin released several
CD's since.
Donpheebin website here
Thanx to Sanit Noraheem of Roxx Records.