*TAM 005 "Sevdasiz Hayat Ölümdür" (Turkey)


Released December 1994, sugar white vinyl, Sold out.

Meeting Istanbul punx in the winter of 1989, and later the first HC bands in 1992
and 1993 was a mind-opening on the xistence of those Middle Eastern underground

Headbangers was the first Turkish punk band (live recording from 1989, in Turkish).
Spinners was the first all-girl punk band in Ankara. The 3 other bands were the
precursors of HC Turkish style. Most have disbanded now, except for Radical Noise
who has 3 CD's out.
*TAM004 "Las Luchas De La Juventud" (Cuba)

with: DETENIDOS (Havana) / MEDIUM (Santa Clara) / COSA NOSTRA (Havana)

Released June 1994, clear lemon cordial vinyl, Sold out.

Long lasting mail contact with Jorge Domenech in Cuba led to this release. The first
underground Cuban record! Detenidos play punk, Medium grind/thrash and Cosa
Nostra alternative. Detenidos disbanded later, some of its members play now in
Garaje H.

Medium and Cosa Nostra are still around.
Contact: Jorge Domenech, Apdo Postal 25, Sta Clara, VCL50100, Cuba
Cuba Underground website
*TAM003 NATO "Russian Rock Bottled In Armenia" (Armenia)

Armenian punk band hailing from Yerevan.

Released December 1994, clear orange vinyl, Sold out.

A stay in economically war-damaged Armenia in the Summer of 1993 and the
meeting of those dedicated Yerevan engineer punks and underground
musicians, struggling under unbelievable harsh conditions, compelled us to
release this wonderful Soviet-styled punk record. All musicians are now living
in exile in Moscow. The band later released a split 7" with Roh Dae Woo
(another Yerevan punk band) on Beer City in the US.

Contact Aram at: aram7s@moon.yerphi.am
*TAM002 "Demobilizacija" (Lithuania)


Released December 1993, clear herbal green vinyl, Sold out.

Another road trip through dark forests and snowstorms led us in April 1992 to
Lithuania. Bands were met in a damp cellar where local punks jammed and
wreaked havoc in Vilnius.

Turboreanimacija plays hardcore punk, while Silvija & Izvrascencai plays
punk. Turboreanimacija is still around and released several albums on tape
and the latest one on CD. S & Izvrascencai disbanded.

Endless thanks to Jonas Oskinis of KNK zine!
Contact TR at: kriaucius@janco.lt
Check the site:
*TAM001 "Revolutie?" (Romania)

with: TECTONIC (Bucuresti) / PANSAMENT (Brasov)

Released June 1993, clear marxist red vinyl, Sold out.

Following a crazy trip by road through Romania in 1991, and the discovery of
the local scene, it was decided to release this record and create TAM89. This
was the first underground Romanian record ever. Tectonic plays thrashcore
and Pansament punk.

Tectonic later released an LP locally and Pansament disappeared.
Hoisan of Tectonic is now playing as Comandorul Hoisan.